Hi! I'm Anu Pandey
I'm a Masters student at UC Berkeley honing my Product Management skills
​​​​​​​An experienced and motivated professional who has worked on a wide range of consulting projects in Healthcare, Tech and life-sciences industry. I moved to the bay area to hone my skills in product management at UC Berkeley. Here, I'm developing my skills in 3 key areas to become a better Product Manager: UI/UX, Business and data science.
I interned as a Product Manager Intern with CenturyLink the past summer on their digital transformation products. 
I love finding solutions to problemsMaybe because of my background in medicine ( I graduated as a doctor) and psychology (I cannot help but notice pain points).  As part of my capstone, I'm working on a prototype to help blind people navigate unfamiliar environments using augmented reality tools.
My Mission is to create winning products that simplify life through mindful research, design & strategy.
My work process
I enjoy talking  to users and this helps me in identifying their problems and understanding their pain-points...

I try understanding the problem before I jump to solutions...
and then I work with my team to identify goal and brainstorm solutions....
I employ my data analysis and information visualization tools to find order in chaos or put scientifically turn raw data into meaningful patterns in order to find actionable insights.
User inputs and stakeholder collaboration help me reach my goal.​​​​​​​ 

My Super powers
User Science helps me stay on the right path.

In my spare time ..
You can find me hiking, kayaking, binge-watching family guy, painting or diving through the sky...
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