Anu Pandey

I love employing User insights and Data to build Products that make
  Users Awesome !
Hello! I am a graduate student at UC Berkeley School of Information.  
Recently, I worked as Product Owner intern at CenturyLink in Summer 2018.  Previously, I have worked as a consultant on diverse projects helping businesses meet their goals. Before that, I was a doctor helping patients manage their illness.
Collaborating with people from all walks of life, working across industries and around the world to create customer-centric strategies has taught me to ask the right questions. I now employ my super-power to inform product building and get the most out of customer interviews
Currently, I’m looking for Product Management/ Technical Program Management positions. I also do freelance work, so feel free to get in touch at

My MISSION is to create winning products that simplify life through mindful research, design & strategy.

My work process
I enjoy collaboratively brainstorming, talking to and co-creating with users, finding answers to difficult problems, facilitating conversations, managing project details, and working closely with my team.
I love identifying problems...
... and find solutions to those problems.
I employ my information visualization tools to turn raw data into meaningful patterns, communicate research findings, identify understand relationships between data, find actionable insights in short to find order in chaos. I always try backing my decisions with data. 
User inputs and stakeholders collaboration help me reach my goal. 
My Super powers
User Science helps me stay on the right path.
My qualitative  & quantitative tools  never fail me. My psychology background helps me in understanding people and their emotions.

In my spare time ..
You can find me hiking, kayaking, binge-watching family guy, painting or diving through the sky...

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